Jinhengli HG2540 Plastic granulator, plastic crushing machine,Silent Centralized crusher machine,waste recycling granulator crusher

Name:Jinhengli HG2540 Plastic granulator, plastic crushing machine,Silent Centralized crusher machine,waste recycling granulator crusher
Motor:7.5kw / 10hp
Rotor speed:500 rpm
Rotary cutter:12 pcs
Fixed cutter:4pcs
Feeding inlet size:400X245mm
Screen Hole Dia.:8mm

Product Description

HG series of silent centralized crushers is of compact size, easy to operate with fully enclosed sound insulation design, which lowers noise and avoids dust contamination.

It is suitable for centralized crushing of various pieces of injection molding, blow molding, profiles, sheet or film and outlet materials. The series includes various types with a wide scope of application in the plastic industry. It plays a vital role in prompt recycling and processing of plastic scrap, waste and recycling materials, enhancing the utilization of plastic.


1) Constant/sealing/cleangrind cutting technology
2) Minimal energy consumption, no friction heat,uniform size of granule and low dust
3) Modularity design and Tailor made for your different application
4) Easy and quick change of rotating or fixing knife
5) Easy and directto access cutting house simplifies cleaning when changing color or material
6) Esay and auick change of rotating or fixed knife
7) Between low and high rotation speed is optional
8) Multiple safety protection,Operation with low voltage
9) High load factor on shaft desgin ,safe sealing protection on bearing.
10) Hardened cutter ring as standard
11)Wear-resistant and turnovered screen,excellent durability
12)A quieter environment due to soundproof covering
13)Compact structure and move easily
14)The assistant gas spring help to open or close hopper easliy


Model HG2230 HG2540 HG2650 HG3060 HG3670 HG4080
Motor power  (kw) 5.5 7.5 11 15 22 30
Motor optional (kw) 7.5 11 7.5/15 11/18.5 18.5/30 22/37
Rotating speed  (rpm) 600 500 500 480 480 480
Knives material 9CrSi 9CrSi 9CrSi Cr12Mov Cr12Mov Cr12Mov
Claw moving knives (pcs) 9 12 15 18 21 24
Optional Flat knives (pcs) 3 6 6
Fixed knives (pcs) 2 4 4 4 4 6
Rotating Dia. (mm) 230 250 260 300 360 400
Crushing chamber (mm*mm) 230*300 250*400 260*500 300*600 360*700 400*800
Screen Hole Dia.-standard (mm) 8 8 8 8 8 8
Screen Hole Dia.-optional (mm) 4,6,10,12,14,18,25
Hardened Screen
Manual Bin
Dust Separator
Noise Enclosed Cover
Crushing Capacity (kg/hr) 200 300 450 550 650 900
Sound pressure level (dB) 75-90 75-95
Dimensions (L*W*H) (m) 930×680×1120 1150×820×1280 1200×880×1400 1230×1020×1520 1460×1200×1700 1500×1350×2100
Weight (kg) 400 550 850 1000 1200 2000
Notes:1”standard, “”optional
          2) Knife material optional : SKDII
          3)Throughput capacity depends on type of plastic material,waste,etc.
          4)Sound pressure level depends on type of material and motor.
          5)To avoid sticking knives ,the material must be opearated in normal temperature


HG series: Half enclosed design (Manual Bin)

Claw blades (Option:Flat type)

HG-Q series: Fully enclosed sound insulation design (Blower & Cyclone silo)

Optional: HG-Q plus Dust Separator installation



 Our Pruduct Range 

1. Online granulator
2. Central granulator
3. Industrial Cooling chiller
4. Mold temperature controller
5. Hopper dryers / Dehumidifier
6. Plastic mixers / Blender
7. Auto vacuum hopper loaders
8. Central feeding/Conveyor system

9. Robots for injection

10. Other Plas-auxiliary machinery 


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